Fascination with the human condition has led actor, comic, writer and filmmaker, Joey Camen to his unique brand of award-winning humor. Within 6 months of finishing high school in his hometown of Detroit, 17 year old Joey headed west to Hollywood. With his offbeat sense of humor, he quickly became a regular performer at the world-famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, making him one of the youngest professional standup comics ever.

Soon afterwards, he was mentored by the late legendary voice-over actor, Daws Butler - better known as the voice of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. Mr. Butler helped Joey develop his remarkable talent for characterizations.

As a voice-over actor Joey has worked on numerous projects, including popular video games like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mafia II and Brütal Legend. He's also the designated voice of McGruff the Crime Dog.

As a standup comic, he has headlined at top comedy clubs and colleges across the country, and was the opening act for the Pointer Sisters, Richard Pryor and the late legendary Marvin Gaye.

As an actor, Joey has appeared in a variety of feature films including American Pop and Cool World. His filmmaking credits include the comedy short, "Bernie - a love story about a man and his mattress" which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in. The short gained critical acclaim, winning the Bronze Award at the Houston International Film Festival.

Joey is extremely visual and fun to watch while performing, and is often compared to Eric Bogosian and Jonathan Winters. Yet even after experiencing Joey, people still have a hard time believing all his voices and characters come only from him, and one still ponders whether he merely is one individual.

In addition, Joey is also the author of several feature screenplays. One screenplay entitled “JOHN LEDGER” was recently optioned with Tom Sizemore attached to play the lead.

Six interesting facts about Joey Camen:
  • He sounds taller than he is.
  • He's funny when he needs to be funny and serious when he needs to be serious.
  • He loves animals and can sound like a lot of them.
  • He can sound young, old, middle-age, urban, and from just about anywhere on the planet.
  • He can sound like he's from another planet.
  • He may be from another planet.

Click here to view Joey's resume and bio in PDF format.

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